Human resource development


Securing and developing human resources with highly specialized technological capabilities and flexible ideas is the foundation of our sustainable corporate activities.
Under our Medium-Term Education Plan, we are promoting career advancement support and an expanded evaluation system that will enable individuals to develop their abilities and strengths. We also promote self-development by creating an environment in which each employee can independently develop their skills.

Promotion System

  1. We strive to improve employees’ careers by implementing the following cycle: training, assignment, and evaluation.
  2. We have established a Human Resources Development Committee to promote in-house education based on the four pillars of employee education (rank-based education, functional education, language training, and company-wide common training), and to monitor the operation of “development, assignment, and evaluation.”
  3. We have established an in-house staff recruitment system and a program for the voluntary transfer of new graduates in their third year of employment to respond to employees' motivation to develop their careers actively.

Main Initiatives

  1. OJT (On-the-Job Training)

    Through the work, OJT facilitates communication among employees to systematically and continually develop the expertise and the capabilities required to carry out the operations of divisions.

  2. Interview

    We regularly organize one-to-one interviews between employees and their supervisors.
    By regularly creating communication opportunities, we will provide adequate support for the development of skills in line with the aspirations and visions of each employee.

  3. Support for career advancement

    We have established an in-house job posting system and a program to give new employees the possibility to transfer to another division three years after joining the Corporation. Through these programs, we are actively responding to employees' motivation to improve their careers.

  4. Training programs

    To enhance various abilities required to resolve social issues and increase corporate value, we have established a systematic and diverse training program tailored to the roles and expertise of each employee.

Educational System

Education by class Common education Self-development support
By purpose By specialty

Management training

Training on various laws and regulations

SDGs training

Information security training

Compliance training and mental health training

Safety training

Sales training

Study session by expert employees

Technical training

Dispatch to external training

Self-development training

English-language training

Mid-level employees

Mid-level employees training

Young employees
New employees

Young employees training

New employees training

  1. Support for Acquisition of Qualifications

    There is a system to support the acquisition of qualifications and the development of skills, such as the payment of expenses required for the acquisition of qualifications designated by the Corporation and the payment of incentives for the acquisition of certain qualifications.

  1. Self-development support

    We use seminars and e-learning by affiliated training companies to create an environment in which each employee can develop their skills voluntarily.
    In addition, we have a variety of English-language training in order for our employees to play an active role globally.

Employee training hours and costs

Item Fiscal year ended September 2022
Total training time 16,423 Hours/year
Hours of training per employee 33 Hours/year
Total training cost 32,776,755 Yen/year
Training costs per employee 65,685 Yen/year

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