Mechatronics / Noise & Vibration

Opening new futures of transport equipment

In R&D (research & development) of the transport equipment industries, “noise and vibration”, “performance (e.g. controllability and ride comfort)”, and “safety and durability” are all important factors and must be measured and analyzed. We have been providing measurement instruments and solutions for these purposes over the years. We also have a great number of practical solutions for R&D of the latest technologies such as autonomous driving and electrification.

Along with the prevalence of model-based development, test methods and test data management/sharing have become important in reinforcing the correlation between hypothetical vehicle design/development and the test data in the actual environments. We offer solutions which serve these needs as well.

Data Logger

Noise and Vibration Analysis System

Sensors for Acceleration,
Acoustics, Force, Load and Pressure


  • Accelerometers/Impact Hammers
  • Sound Quality Evaluation/3D Sound Rendering
  • Pressure Sensors/Force Sensors
  • Torsional Vibration Analysis
  • Telemetry
  • Microphones/Particle Velocity Sensors
  • Noise and Vibration Analysis Systems/Pass-by Noise Testing
  • Transfer Path Analysis/Sound Localization
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Torque Meters/Brake Systems
  • Driving Robots
  • S&R Shaker Systems/Modal Analysis Excitation Equipment
  • Accelerometers/Microphone Calibration Systems
  • Automatic Motion Analysis in Videos
  • ASAM ODS Server Software
  • HALT Test Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems with Online Calculation Capability
  • Combustion Analyzer/Fiber Optic Spark Plug
  • Static and Dynamic Door Characteristic Measurement Systems
  • Hub Coupled Dynamometer Systems

TOYO Mechatronics products global sales network


  • Boulder Innovation Group, Inc.
  • CAEMAX Technologie GmbH
  • EZ Metrology
  • FBGS International bvba
  • HBM GmbH
  • HI-TEC s.r.l
  • imc Test & Measurement GmbH
  • Klippel GmbH
  • Kübrich Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
  • Magtrol SA
  • Magtrol, Inc.
  • MB Dynamics, Inc.
  • Microflown Technologies
  • MTI Instruments Inc.
  • MTS Systems Corporation, Sensors Division
  • Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH
  • Müller-BBM Rail Technologies GmbH
  • OES, Inc.
  • OROS SA.
  • PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
  • Peak Solution GmbH
  • Rototest International AB
  • red-ant
  • Smart Eye AB.
  • The Modal Shop, Inc.
  • Xcite Systems Corporation
  • Ziegler-Instruments GmbH
  • Zuragon
  • Iwane Laboratories, Ltd.