Corporate Governance

As a leading provider of measurement technologies, TOYO Corporation raises Corporate Philosophy, “Creating the Future with Measurement Technologies”, “Technology Interface”, and “Corporate Value Enhancement.” In order to achieve these goals, we aim to build the corporate governance system in line with the basic principles of promoting the transparent, sound, and efficient management.

Quality assurance policy

  1. Understand the customers' needs, satisfy the customers' requirements, ensure legal compliance, and endeavor to achieve more than what the customers expect.
  2. Continue to improve the technical capabilities as the foremost advocate of the cutting-edge "measurement" technologies, and provide high value-added products together with the best possible technical services.
  3. Become a Technology Supplier who provides the maximum satisfaction to the customers through the continued improvement of our quality management system.


"Be more prompt, considerate, and precise."

Efforts to improve quality

TOYO Corporation strives to improve the quality of its products and services both through the constant reinforcement of its internal quality management system and the acquisition of certifications by third-party organizations.