What we can do today to work toward creating a sustainable future

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We contribute to resolve social and
environmental issues by “Measurement” technology;
essential for every technology innovation.

President and CEO Toshiya Kohno

President and CEO

Toshiya Kohno

As individuals living on the Earth, we share a great mission, making a sustainable future, in mind and work together. Technology innovation is the foundation to this commitment, creating a safe society for everyone.
“Measurement” technology is the starting point of every technology innovation.

TOYO Corporation has been providing its cutting-edge measurement solutions to research and development projects in many business segments including Information Communication, Automotive, Environment and Energy, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Ocean Surveys, Software Development, Life Science, and Information Security. To realize that our “measurement” technologies support the challenges for a sustainable future, is a great honor and encouragement to all employees.

As the world shifts toward integrating SDGs into business management, we believe that TOYO’s business itself, supporting innovation in various industries, is contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.
Furthermore, we actively take up the challenge of new business development to make more direct impact on sustainability and will commit ourselves to resolve both social and environmental issues.

Toshiya Kohno
President & CEO

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