Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to create a workplace environment in which individuals with a variety of backgrounds, including gender and nationality, can work in their own ways and fully demonstrate their individual abilities and strengths.

Increasing the ratio of female and foreign managers

In order to promote the active participation of women and foreigners, we have set targets for increasing the ratio of management positions in each of these groups and we strive to create a workplace environment that supports their active recruitment, development, and participation.

Fiscal year ended September 2018 Fiscal year ended September 2019 Fiscal year ended September 2020 Fiscal year ended September 2021 Fiscal year ended September 2022
Number of employees 487 485 492 493 502
Breakdown of employees Male 376 375 379 378 376
Female 111 110 113 115 126
Percentage of female employees   22.79% 22.68% 22.97% 23.33% 25.10%
Number of managers 121 124 124 134 143
Breakdown of the number of managers Male 118 120 119 127 136
Female 3 4 5 7 7
Percentage of female managers  2.48% 3.23% 4.03% 5.22% 4.90%
Number of Directors 9 8 8 6 8
Breakdown of the number of directors Male 9 8 8 6 7
Female 0 0 0 0 1
Percentage of Female Directors   0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 12.50%

Meister system

We reviewed the reemployment system that had been applied to employees aged 60 to 65 after retirement. We have introduced a compensation system based on their abilities, motivation, and achievements, in addition to experience. Employees aged 60 to 65 after retirement are positioned as "Meisters" and we aim to increase their motivation to work.

Senior Meister system

We have raised the age limit of reemployment after retirement from 65 years old, and we employ all employees up to 70 years old, depending on their wishes. Employees aged 65 or older are designated as “Senior Meisters” and we strive to make the most of their experience and abilities and to stabilize the lives of our employees.

Commitment to local hiring

As of the end of the fiscal year ended September 2022, all overseas subsidiaries were operated by locally hired employees, with the exception of several employees seconded from Japan. Focusing on the contribution to local communities, we will continue to promote the creation of employment through local hiring.

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