Life Science / Materials

Facilitating the Realization of a Peaceful and Secure Society

Life science aims to realize a society where people can live in peace and comfort by overcoming diseases and solving pressing problems. In the medical field (Medical Systems), we provide state-of -the-art solutions such as diagnostic support for lung/breast cancer and preoperative simulation in orthopedic surgery, thereby contributing to people's healthy living. In the field of materials evaluation (Nano Imaging), we deliver solutions that contribute to R&D and quality control of lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors etc. using the latest technology.

Nano Imaging

Cutting-edge Imaging Technologies Bolstering Various Scientific Fields

The imaging technologies for enlarging, observing, and analyzing minute areas are indispensable for research and development, quality control, and failure analysis both in academic and business sectors. At the same time, to win global competition, it is imperative to understand and use speedily and accurately the information obtained with these technologies. We are contributing to the development of science and technology with our leading-edge and unique imaging solutions including Scanning Electron Microscopes, Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes, Indentation hardness and young’s modulus measurement systems(Nanoindentation system) and Cantilevers for Scanning Probe Microscopes.


  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • FIB-SEM (Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes)
  • Super Resolution Microscopes
  • Scanning Probe Microscopes
  • Hardness and Young's Modulus Measurement Systems
  • Image Analysis Software
  • Cantilever for Scanning Probe Microscope


  • AFMWorkshop
  • BioAxial
  • Fraunhofer IWS
  • Image Metrology A/S
  • KLA
  • nanotools GmbH
  • NanoWorld AG

Medical Systems

Assisting Medical Practitioners

With our measurement technologies, we contribute to the progress of medical imaging and preventative medical science.


  • Bone Suppression and Temporal Subtraction System for Chest X-ray Image
  • Vessel Suppression System for Chest CT Image
  • Digital Planning System for Orthopedic
  • Digital Mammography Image Viewer
  • Patient Radiation Dose Monitoring System
  • Medical Image Enhancing Software
  • CMOS X-ray Flat Panel Detector
  • Image Acquisition, Processing and Display Board for X-ray Detector
  • Medical Image Display Systems
  • Custom 3D Viewer Toolkits/SDK


  • BARCO N.V.
  • ContextVision AB
  • IBM
  • Intrasense SA
  • MX Imaging, Inc.
  • Riverain Technologies