EMC & Antenna Systems

Solutions for increasingly complicated electromagnetic environments

We have been providing measurement systems and test equipment over many years for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) compliance tests of various electronic instruments including those in automobiles, information and communication systems, and medical systems. Currently, we are accelerating the overseas expansion into China, the USA, Southeast Asia and other markets.

In the field of ground systems with large parabolic antennas, we have installed many antenna systems in the past 30 plus years. We have been supporting those installed antennas by providing maintenance and calibration services after installation. Various solutions using electromagnetic waves such as OTA (Over The Air) measurement systems for 5G are also available from TOYO.

EMI Measurement System

Wireless Communication Performance Measurement System for Connected Vehicles

Large Parabolic Antenna Systems for Ground Stations


  • EMC Measurement Systems
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • EMI Test Receivers
  • EMC Measurement Software
  • Antenna/OTA Measurement Systems
  • OTA Reverberation Test Systems
  • Automotive Radar Target Simulator
  • Antenna Systems for RF and Optical Ground Station
  • Radomes
  • Hydrogen Masers

TOYO EMC products global sales network


Antenna Systems Solutions
DiGOS Potsdam GmbH
General Test Systems
NARDA Safety Test Solutions
ViaSat Inc.
Keysight Technologies
UniqueSec AB

Overseas Agencies

  • Eretec Inc. (Republic of Korea)
  • JS Denki Pte. Ltd. (Southeast Asia, Taiwan)
  • JS TOYO Corporation (Shenzhen) Ltd. (Southern China, Taiwan)
  • Quantel Pte. Ltd. (India, Southeast Asia)