EMC & Antenna Systems

Capturing All Types of Electromagnetic Waves

For decades, TOYO has provided superb test and measurement systems in the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) field. In this way, we have assisted our customers both at home and overseas in performing EMC compliance tests on various types of electronic equipment, including household appliances and automobiles, as well as information, communication, and medical equipment. As for the overseas markets, there has been a rapid increase in demand for EMC tests in China and other Asian countries, and we have established TOYO Corporation China to address the Chinese EMC market, while deploying EMC businesses in other Asian countries mainly via agencies.
For over 30 years, we have operated in the field of large parabolic antenna systems for ground stations, and have delivered a total of over 20 of these systems. We propose the antenna system optimum for your needs and budget, whether it is small or large in size.In addition to the proposal, sale, and installation of products, we also are fully prepared to provide such post-installation support services as system maintenance, calibration, and overhaul.


  • EMC Measurement Systems
  • ESD, EFT Burst, Surge Test Systems
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • Electric/Magnetic Field Sensors
  • EMI Test Receivers
  • EMC Measurement Software
  • GTEM Cells
  • Antenna Measurement Systems
  • GTA Measurement Systems
  • MIMO Measurement Systems
  • Antenna Systems for Ground Stations
  • Amplifiers for Antenna Systems
  • Parabolic Antennas
  • Filters and Diplexers
  • Frequency Converter Products
  • Isolators and Circulators

TOYO EMC products global sales network


  • Audivo Gmbh
  • Bonn Elektronik GmbH
  • Combinova AB
  • Com-Power Corporation
  • Dipl.-Ing.G.Schwarzbeck
  • ETS-Lindgren, L.P.
  • Fischer Custom Communications, Inc.
  • Flann Microwave Instruments, Ltd.
  • Hamlet video international Ltd.
  • Index SAR Ltd.
  • Keysight Technologies, Inc.
  • Medav GmbH
  • Microwave Technologies Group
  • MILMEGA Ltd. (Ametek)
  • MT Mechatronics GmbH
  • Narda Sts.S.R.L (PMM)
  • National Geographic Institute (IGN)
  • Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd.
  • RTW GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sonoma Instrument Co.
  • SpectraTime Inc.
  • T4 science
  • Tegam Inc.
  • TESEQ AG (Ametek)
  • TESEQ GmbH
  • ViaSat Inc.
  • York EMC Services Ltd.

Overseas Agencies

  • Eretec Inc.
  • JS Denki Pte. Ltd.
  • JS TOYO Corporation (Shenzhen) Ltd.
  • Quantel Pte. Ltd.