Software Quality & Productivity

Safer and securer software development

The “Measurement Technologies” implemented in our products and services play a vital role in the whole lifecycle of software development, ranging from quality enhancement to productivity improvement.

Furthermore, we provide the latest security solutions to realize the safety and security required by technological innovation accompanying the digitalization of various products and services.

Helix QAC
Static Test Tool for
C language source code

Project Management Tool

Helix Core
Software Configuration Management Tool


  • Software Configuration Management Tools
  • Software Reverse Engineering Tools
  • Software Static Test Tools
  • Software Dynamic Test Tools
  • Application Lifecycle Management Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Vulnerability Static Analysis Tools for Application
  • Web & Mobile APP Testing Tools
  • Software Modeling Tools


  • Perforce Software, Inc.
  • Imagix Corporation
  • QA Systems GmbH
  • Change Vision, Inc.
  • eXmotion Co., Ltd.
  • Checkmarx Ltd.
  • UBsecure, Inc.
  • Aeye Security Lab Inc.
  • Incredibuild Software Ltd.