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Toshiya Kohno

TOYO’s Initiatives for SDGs

Our quest for “measurement”
technologies leads to creating
a sustainable future

Toshiya Kohno President & CEO

What are your thoughts behind your Corporate Philosophy;<“Creating the Future with Measurement Technologies”>


TOYO Corporation, as a leading provider of “measurement”technologies, has been providing industries with cutting-edge measurement solutions to help achieve an affluent and environmentally friendly society.Our business includes ICT (Information and Communication Technologies),Automobiles, Environment and Energy, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Ocean Defense and Security, Software Development, Life Science, and Information Security.
“Measurement”technology is essential for creating new goods and ideas.
For example, to widely spread Electric Vehicle (EV) in society, the expansion of EV charging infrastructure is necessary and our solutions help evaluate the performance of EV charging simulators and the development process of secondary batteries. In 5G high-speed communication and its service opportunities, we provide solutions for network quality evaluation and wireless access point performance evaluation. For assuring safety of autonomous vehicles, our technology helps evaluate the most advanced detection sensor and algorithm technology, where detection and recognition of surrounding vehicles and pedestrians are mandatory. In addition, advanced equipment for ocean surveys, medical diagnostic display systems, and devices to track and monitor deep space exploration vehicles, are some examples where our measurement solutions are used in the forefront of various R&D and implementations.
To contribute to developing these industries, we reach out to the world for most advanced measurement technologies, while concentrating on in-house product development and customization, and conduct a series of joint research with various research institutions. The technology we provide opens the way to innovation for creating a safe society in the future. Our Company Philosophy embodies our pride to consistently provide value as a professional in “measurement” technology.

How does TOYO’s “measurement”technology contribute to a sustainable future?


I believe TOYO’s business itself contributes to creating a sustainable future. Today, most of industries keen on making innovations to achieve a sustainable society.

In addition, we plan to actively invest in fields which contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and discuss possibility of new business projects that lead to environmental conservation more directly. In recent years, as EVs are becoming more common, expectations for making use of solid-state batteries as a replacement for lithium-ion batteries are growing. Other than providing solutions to evaluate these secondary batteries, we aim to make a total solution for testing the process of development, manufacturing, and re-using secondary batteries, and this business will more contribute to SDGs.

Speaking of SDGs initiatives, you made a team assembled to discuss and accelerate the visions and perspectives of SDGs.


With the aim of formulating SDGs action and policy, we gathered Division Heads and held discussions for over 6 months. In these workshops, we started from breaking down our business, then matching each of them to social issues and demands, and discussed how we can contribute to a sustainable future. As mentioned, we believe our business itself is already connected to building a sustainable future, and these workshops to visualize our SDGs policy were a perfect opportunity for us to realize our mission and to raise ambition.

As we once again look into our Corporate Philosophy “Creating the Future with Measurement Technologies”, “Technology Interface”, and “Corporate Value Enhancement”, we notice that this Philosophy itself is an innovation supporting the achievement of SDGs. We are committed to our Corporate Philosophy as one, and continue to work towards a sustainable future, and strive to enhance corporate value.

What is your future vision of TOYO Corporation?


To make a sustainable society, we continue to provide cutting-edge measurement solutions to all industrial arenas. At the same time, we strengthen our partnership with universities and specialized research organizations, and work together towards innovation, in order to tackle diversified social issues.
Human resources are TOYO’s greatest asset. To create a new value through our highest engineering skill and creative inspiration is the heart of our Corporate Philosophy. Supporting the challenges of our employees, we remain focused on increasing R&D expenses and expanding our overseas markets, besides promoting employee training and work style reforms.
It is also important for us to share our Corporate Philosophy with the world. The solutions we provide are deeply rooted and widely used in the safe and comfortable society, but usually they never come into contact with general consumers. We hope more people will acknowledge the value we provide, as we pursue further growth.

As a leading company in “measurement” technology contributing to a sustainable future, we work together and strive to enhance new values which will help solve problems our society faces.

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