Medium-term management plan

We are proceeding with our medium-term management plan "TY2024" (from the fiscal year ended September 2022 until the fiscal year ending September 2024). Under the "TY2024," we will implement our growth strategy centered on the three pillars of business strategy, financial and capital strategy, and strengthening our management foundation, and make steady progress toward enhancing corporate value.

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"TY2024" management strategy

Creating the future with
"measurement" technologies

As a leading provider of "measurement" solutions,
we contribute to a prosperous society and to the creation of a global environment
that is friendly to people and the earth.


“enhancement of corporate value”

We enhance corporate value by continuing to create measurement systems, products, and services.

Technology Interface

We provide cutting-edge measurement solutions to global industry,
supporting and accelerating technological innovation.

Business strategies

Business strategies

Promotion of a decarbonized society


  • New opportunities in the mobility fields such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aircraft, and vessels
  • Development and sales expansion of advanced systems for simulation applications

EV charge analyzer/simulator

EV charge analyzer/simulator

Next-generation batteries

  • Differentiation from competitors through our know-how, patented technologies, and in-house developed products, as well as overseas expansion

New plasma scanning microscope

New plasma scanning microscope

Renewable energy

  • Business expansion to improve energy efficiency, including the development of next-generation solar cells and power semiconductors
  • Entry into the ocean measurement business for offshore wind power generation facilities

Underwater robot

Underwater robot

Realization of a high-speed communications environment

5G (5th generation) solutions

  • 5G failure analysis and network enhancement load testing tool
  • C-V2X evaluation system
  • Wireless communication performance evaluation system for connected cars and autonomous driving
  • Solutions for the emerging local 5G market

5G (5th generation) solutions

DX (Digital Transformation)

  • Information security management tools and educational tools for the remote work environment
  • Information asset protection solutions under zero trust security
  • Software build acceleration and mobile AP test tools to promote DX development

DX (Digital Transformation)

Recurring business

Securing stable revenue from recurring business

We will not only supply products that meet our customers' needs, but also work to create new services by providing ongoing value as our customers' partners.

Recurring business

Financial and capital strategy

Our management targets for the fiscal year ending September 2024 are consolidated net sales of JPY 30 billion, consolidated operating income of JPY 3.5 billion, and ROE 8.0%.

consolidated net sales of JPY 30 billion

consolidated operating income of JPY 3.5 billion

ROE 8.0%

Dividend policy

We consider returning profits to our shareholders to be a key management policy, and we will pay a stable and high annual dividend which is equal to the greater of DOE (dividend on equity ratio) 4% or consolidated dividend payout ratio 60%.

Dividends per share

Acquisition of treasury stock

We will continue to consider the acquisition of treasury stock as appropriate.

Recent acquisitions of treasury stock

FY2019 273,700 shares
FY2021 959,000 shares
FY2023 1,492,100 shares

Management base reinforcement

Foster diverse and competitive talent

  • Promoting a work environment where all employees can work in their own way through diversity and respect for human rights
  • Developing human resources capable of playing an active role globally by supporting employees' career advancement and enhancing the evaluation system
  • Promoting work-life balance through work style reforms and health management

Establish a strong and sound management base

  • Enhancing management transparency, soundness and efficiency by conforming to CG (corporate governance) code
  • Enhancing risk management by strengthening internal controls through various committee activities and monitoring
  • Promoting awareness of compliance among all employees by implementing a variety of employee education programs, depending on rank and job type