About TOYO

A measurement solutions provider supplying cutting-edge measurement technologies
in various R&D fields

We provide measurement technologies for all kinds of cutting-edge products to realize various innovations
from constantly advancing R&D fields.

Corporate Philosophy / Action Guidelinesarrow

We support technological innovation by providing cutting-edge measurement solutions
for R&D in various fields.

For example…

  • 6G
    (6th generation)
  • Next-generation mobility
  • Next-generation batteries


Company introduction (2:25)

TOYO Corporation in numbers

  • Profit-making
    for more than
    70 years
    since its foundation in 1953


  • Number of employees

    Number of employees591

    (As of the end of September 2023)

    Sales divisions
    scientific backgrounds
    other backgrounds
    Engineering divisions
    scientific backgrounds
    other backgrounds
  • Domestic offices and subsidiaries

    Domestic offices and subsidiaries:9

    Overseas subsidiaries and affiliates

    Overseas subsidiaries and affiliates9


  • Main customers

    ・NTT Group

    ・Toyota Group

    ・Honda Group

    ・Hitachi Group

    ・Canon Group

    ・Nissan Group

    ・Mitsubishi Electric Group

  • Equity Ratio


    (As of the end of September 2023)

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  • Return to shareholders

    The annual dividend is equal to the greater of


    (dividend on equity ratio)

    or consolidated dividend payout ratio


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Business activities

As a leading company in measurement technologies,
we meet measurement needs in all fields through technologies in a wide range of business segments.

Business segments of TOYO Corporation

  • ICT / Information Security

    ICT /
    Information Security

    Providing reliable quality, safety, and comfortable operation for communications

  • Mechatronics / Noise & Vibration / Sensors

    Mechatronics / Noise & Vibration / Sensors

    Supporting automobiles, railways, and industrial machinery through "measurement and analysis"

  • Physics / Energies

    Physics / Energies

    Supporting the realization of a new energy infrastructure through "measurement" technologies

  • EMC & Antenna Systems

    EMC & Antenna Systems

    Providing solutions for electromagnetic wave environments

  • Ocean / Defense & Security

    Ocean / Defense & Security

    Proposing solutions to "measure the sea" from the sea surface to the seafloor

  • Software Quality & Productivity

    Software Quality & Productivity

    Supporting quality and productivity improvements in software development

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Providing state-of-the-art solutions in the life science field

Business segmentsarrow

Sales by business segment

Sales by business segment



Strengths of TOYO Corporation

Given the uniqueness of our business where no competitor exists, we continue to be selected by our customers as the only measurement solutions provider.

Technology-oriented and accommodating a wide range of customer needs

Strength as
a trading company

In addition to knowledge and technologies accumulated over more than 70 years, we work with more than 150 partners around the world to propose solutions that meet an increasingly diverse range of needs.

multiplied by

Realizing further added values through measurement technologies and know-how

Strength as
a manufacturer

By adding our proprietary technology and know-how to the existing products , we provide solutions that better meet our customers' needs. We are also working to develop high-value and high-quality products through open innovation with a view to expanding the range of our in-house developed products.


Solid trust as a company listed on the Prime Market
of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Hybrid company for measurement technologies

TOYO Corporation


Future vision

While contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and the conservation of the global environment as a corporate mission, we will promote the creation of a sustainable future through the growth of our business that supports innovation in various industries as a leading company in cutting-edge technology.

Five materiality themes

  • 01

    Contribute to innovation and industrial growth

  • 02

    Promote environmental conservation

  • 03

    Realize safe, secure and fulfilling lives

  • 04

    Foster diverse and competitive talent

  • 05

    Establish a strong and sound management base


Targets for the final year of the Medium-Term Management Plan
(fiscal year ending September 2024)

  • consolidated
    net sales of


  • consolidated
    operating income of


  • ROE


Medium-term management planarrow

Toward the next stage

Based on the technological capabilities cultivated through a wide range of business segments, we will continue to apply our distinctive "measurement" technologies in the trending technology fields of industry, including the information and communications industry and the automotive industry. In addition to focusing on the development of high value-added proprietary products and solutions, we will promote growth strategies by expanding into domestic and overseas markets and through active investments.