In-house Development / Customization

If our standard products do not satisfy the specialized requirements of a customer's application, TOYO's engineers will develop a customized solution to meet or exceed our customer's needs.

Technical Center As a development and monitoring solutions provider specializing in measurement instruments for many decades, TOYO has introduced advanced technologies to Japan from all around the world.
Presently, we are able to customize products by advanced measurement instrument manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe, as well as to develop original products by combining our accumulated know-how with the new technologies acquired by our skilled system engineers. Through such an amalgamation, we can address any kinds of customer needs by building advanced foreign measurement instruments into a system that matches the needs, and even by combining superior products to achieve high-level measurement impossible to accomplish with a single piece of instrument and by developing measurement systems currently non-existent overseas by ourselves. Such measurement system development capabilities are unique to TOYO, and we are equipped with technical abilities that are comparable to those of a manufacturer.

In recent years, we have been further expanding our scope of activities through provision of our self-developed products and systems to other Asian countries.

Customized Systems Developed by TOYO

  • Hall Measurement System
    Hall Measurement System
  • Multi-Channel LC Material Characteristics Measurement System
    Multi-Channel LC Material Characteristics Measurement System
  • Automatic EMI Measurement System
    Automatic EMI Measurement System
  1. Multi-Channel LC Material Characteristics Measurement System
  2. LC Ion Density Measurement System
  3. LC Voltage Holding Ratio Measurement System
  4. LC Elastic Constant Measurement System
  5. TFT-LCD Panel Measurement System
  6. EMC Measurement System
  7. Automatic EMI Measurement System
  8. Automatic Radiated Immunity Measurement System
  9. Hall Measurement System
  10. Fuel Cell Test System
  11. Secondary Battery Charge/Discharge Test System
  12. Impedance Analysis Support Software
  13. Packet Capture/Analysis System
  14. Motor Torque Test System
  15. Power Booster (for electrochemical measurement system)
  16. High-Performance Amplifier (for LC & ferroelectric substance evaluation)
  17. Ferroelectric Substance Evaluation System
  18. Antenna Pattern Measurement System
  19. Noise and Vibration Analysis System
  20. Engine Test Bench Measurement System
  21. Control Stability Analysis System
  22. Driver Monitoring & Stimulation System
  23. Precision Gear Noise Measurement System
  24. On-Vehicle Brake Evaluation System
  25. NAND Flash Memory Tester

"Technical Support" is a key distinction of
TOYO Corporation

As is exemplified in the information communication field, science and engineering technologies in various areas have been picking up speed in their advancement ever more increasingly during the recent years. As a result, researchers have come to be expected to yield some results in a much shorter time than before.In line with this, "Measurement Technologies" have also been progressing as fast to help these researchers fulfill the expectations.
Closely monitoring the cutting-edge technologies around the world, our technical engineers spare no effort in further brushing up their technological capabilities and skills to continue providing the most advanced products along with unrivalled technical support.
Only these strenuous yet untiring endeavors allow us to be a reliable partner for our customers who count on our value-added solutions which come with comprehensive technical support services with no exception.
We assure you that we are fully committed to continuing to come up to your expectations under the exhaustive technical support structure we have long established within our organization.