In-house Development

In-house Development Based on the know-how accumulated through the import of advanced measurement instruments of overseas manufacturers, we customize such instruments and develop completely new original products. We also create unique added value by combining superior products and technologies of different manufacturers to achieve high-level measurements impossible to accomplish with a single instrument.

System Products Customized by TOYO

  • Multi-Channel LC Material Characteristics Measurement System
    Multi-Channel LC Material Characteristics Measurement System
  • SYNESIS (portable type) Packet Capture/Analysis System
    SYNESIS Packet Capture/Analysis System
  • Automatic EMI Measurement System
    Automatic Immunity Measurement System
  1. Power Booster
  2. Hall Effect Measurement System
  3. Ferroelectric Substance Evaluation System
  4. Fuel Cell Test System
  5. Secondary Battery Charge/Discharge Test System
  6. Multi-Channel Self Discharge Measurement System
  7. Square Wave EIS Measurement System
  8. Impedance Analysis Support Software
  9. Liquid Crystal Materials Evaluation System
  10. Automatic Motor Torque Measurement System
  11. On-Vehicle Brake Evaluation System
  12. DDoS Mitigation System
  13. Packet Capture/Analysis System
  14. Automatic EMI Measurement System
  15. Automatic Immunity Measurement System
  16. Ion Impurity Measurement System


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