Message from the President

Creating the Future with Measurement Technologies


TOYO Corporation has been contributing to Japanese industries through the provision of the world's most advanced “Measurement Technologies” as its core competence.
In order to play a role in enabling Japan as a technology-driven nation to demonstrate its technological prowess to the world, we introduce the latest measurement instruments and technologies from around the world in such areas as Information Communications, Automotive Measurements, Sustainable Energy and Environment, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Testing, Ocean Surveys, Software Quality and Productivity, and Medical Systems. In conjunction with this, we also provide our in-house developed products incorporating the know-how accumulated over many years.
Furthermore, in line with our growth strategy, we launched “Technical Research Center” and “One Technologies Company” as new business units in 2017, following “Security & Lab Company” in 2016. These in-house organizations have since been engaged in research to further advance autonomous driving technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and security measures against ever-more intensifying cyber threats.
Having no geographical boundaries in pursuing this endeavor, we are bringing the thus-created new solutions out of Japan to reach clients in such overseas markets as the US and China through local subsidiaries.
We assure you that our commitment to living up to and even exceeding your expectations will never waver or wane in 2018.


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