Message from the President

Creating the Future with Measurement Technology


TOYO Corporation has been contributing to Japanese industries through the provision of the world's most advanced “Measurement Technologies” as its core competence. In order to play a role in enabling Japan as a technology-driven nation to demonstrate its technological prowess to the world, we introduce the latest measurement instruments and technologies from around the world in such areas as Information and Communications Technologies, Mechatronics, Noise & Vibration, Materials, Energy, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Antenna Systems, Ocean, Defense & Security, Software Quality and Productivity, Nano Imaging and Medical Systems. In conjunction with such endeavors, we also provide our in-house developed products incorporating the know-how we have accumulated over many years.
Furthermore, in order to provide even more sophisticated technologies to a greater number of customers, we are tackling various new challenges, among which is "Security & Lab Company" an in-house company established in November last year specifically for service-based business rather than product-based business. In addition to these, we are striving to build a structure to develop and grow promising solutions with no delay, actively making investments required for their realization. At the same time, we are placing an even greater emphasis on customers in overseas countries, especially in China and the US through our local subsidiaries there. Besides, to accelerate these diversified challenges, we are reinforcing our personnel education programs aimed to foster human resources who will contribute to the further growth and expansion of our business in the worldwide market.
We assure you that our commitment to living up to - or even exceeding - your expectations will never waver or wane in 2017.