5.一般事項(HYPACK® Max General)


Q. DGW、DIGファイルの出力(Plotting .dgw and .dig Symbols)[英語]


When plotting symbols, it readily becomes apparent that HYPACK® has not always done as good of a job as it might. This problem arises when using a single set of bitmap fonts for display on all devices. What looks nice and readable on the screen becomes a smudge or dot on a high resolution plotter. One customer asked us to send him the corresponding True type fonts for our symbols. Great idea! ... but no, we don't use them and don't want to spend the time in one of those awful editors. Our solution is in line with the IHO S52 symbol library, which we use to display S57 data with, and that is HPGL style code. This is a vector drawing language which can be scaled and displayed exactly on all devices at any resolution. Below is a screen capture of the new .dgw symbols. We have another for the .dig symbols and added a new option to display the text associated with the .dig objects.

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