Q. DregepackとSurveyプログラムにおけるマトリックスオプション(Matrix Options in Dredgepack® and HYPACK® Max Survey)[英語]


New Options:

A couple of new options have recently been added to the Hypack® Survey and Dredgepack programs that may interest you. The one that is particularly interesting to me is found in the Matrix Options dialog in each program. In the past, the matrix data has been updated whether you were online or offline. Now you have the option to choose when data will be entered to the Matrix.

The Matrix Options Dialog

The Matrix Update option enables you to choose when soundings will be drawn to the matrix.

  • While Logging paints the matrix only while you are online. This will enable the matrix data to coincide with the survey data.
  • Always paints the matrix whether you are online or not (as before). This option enables you to follow your dredging in the Matrix while not recording the Raw data if you don't need it.
  • Never tells the program not to update the matrix. You can display the matrix without changing the data.

The Use Uncorrected Depth is a new option requested by one of our users. Very simply, gives you the choice to store raw depths or corrected depths to your matrix.

Depth Mode vs. Elevation Mode

As I was working on the documentation for these changes and reviewing how these systems all work together, it was clear that the Elevation Mode option in the Matrix menu could be a source of confusion. Here are a couple of places that might trip you up.

Save only strikes in XYZ file determines what is saved when you select MATRIX-SAVE TO XYZ. You can elect to save the depth as the z-value.

  • Depth is recorded when this option is unselected--all depths will be saved.
  • Strike Depth saves the difference between the sounding value and the strike depth only where the soundings are greater than the user-defined strike depth. If the sounding is deeper than the strike depth, no value is saved at that cell. This is useful to see how much must be dredged to level the area to the strike depth.

Beware!This function is affected by the Elevation Mode setting. If you are in Elevation Mode, this will record depths deeper than the strike depth. Probably not a very useful set of data!

The Use Depth Filter option is unaffected by the Elevation Mode. You may get confused though, since the rest of Hypack Max reverses the sign of the depth reading when it is set to elevation mode. Survey and Dredgepack do not invert the Z value of the soundings so all of the values are positive.

If you choose to use this option, in either mode, use positive numbers to specify your range.

The Record Depth option is also affected by the mode. In this case the minimum and maximum depths values will reverse meaning as follows:

The "Minimum" option will record the smallest depth value received in that cell.

  • In Depth Mode, the smallest value is at the shoalest point.
  • In Elevation Mode, the smallest value is at the deepest point.
    The "Maximum" option will record the largest depth value received in that cell.
  • In Depth Mode, the largest depth is deepest, while the smallest depth is shoalest.
  • In Elevation Mode, the largest depth is shoalest, while the smallest depth is deepest.
    The "Last" option last sounding received. It is the same regardless of mode.

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