6.サーベイ(HYPACK® Max Survey)


Q. サーベイノート(Survey Notes in MAX)[英語]


This note is regarding the Target Editor as well as notes recorded by Survey. The problem arose when a survey crew spent a full day collecting targets. At the end of the day it was realized that there was a target that needed to be added to the list. The surveyor took the target file and opened it in the Target Editor program. He then elected to insert a target to the beginning of the file. This caused a line to be inserted at the beginning of the target list. The next step is where the problem came in. He chose to add the point with the cursor. This caused the program to clear the list of targets previously held in the file and start a new list. Once he was done adding targets the surveyor saved the file. He did not notice that the targets had been removed.

Now that we have found that the targets have been removed we can figure out a way to recover a days worth of work. This is the Survey Notes I referred to earlier. A short time ago one of our programmers wrote a function into the Survey program. This function writes a text file for every day that you run the Survey program. I am going to include a sample to show what is recorded.

The following is an example with a short description of each item.

<10:42:59> PROJECT NAME: Ross_Island
<10:42:59> PROJECT DIR: C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\
>> Header to let you know what project this file is from.

<10:42:59> Using Line 1 from C:\HYPACK\PROJECTS\ROSS_ISLAND\
>> Lists the current line file in use.

<10:42:59> No Matrix File selected
>>Lists the Matrix file Selected

<10:42:59> Opening Data File C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\
>> What time was the line started to be recorded.

<10:42:59> Event #1
>>Event #1 occurred

<10:42:59> NMEA Warning: No Sync 
>> The Position was set to Sync Clock and it failed.

<10:43:00> XTE Limit = 20, XTE = -2247890 
>> The cross track limit was exceeded

<10:43:15> Closing Data File C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\
>> Closing the data file

Later that day the Survey was continued and the following is also a section recorded in the same file. Everything that happens in Survey is written to a single file for each day. This section is appended to the file with an empty line separating the data segments. The important part of this file is that we recorded a group of targets. You can see that the time and X,Y of each target is recorded in the file. Luckily the surveyor from my example was able to recover the targets by using this file. There is no substitute for taking good notes and this is a prime example of it. We took notes without even knowing how important it would become.

<14:25:07> PROJECT NAME: Ross_Island
<14:25:07> PROJECT DIR: C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\
<14:25:07> No Line File selected
<14:25:07> No Matrix File selected
<14:25:07> Opening Data File C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\
<14:25:07> Event #3
<14:25:07> NMEA Warning: No Sync
<14:25:08> Event #4
<14:25:08> Closing Data File C:\HYPACK\Projects\Ross_Island\

<15:00:25> Target 15:00:25 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:25> Target 15:00:25 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:26> Target 15:00:26 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:26> Target 15:00:26 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:26> Target 15:00:26 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:26> Target 15:00:26 (1016871.17, 740807.55)
<15:00:27> Target 15:00:27 (1016871.17, 740807.55)

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