6.サーベイ(HYPACK® Max Survey)


Q. Surveyプログラムのリモート操作(Remotely Controlled Survey)[英語]


Imagine you have to perform a survey with one small vessel that is big enough to accommodate pilot and necessary surveying equipment (GPS, echosounder, motion sensor, Left Right indicator, laptop computer). 
Obviously, the small vessel is not spending much fuel, it moves easily, does not require any additional crew member. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for somebody to concentrate on the surveying business. 
The possible answer is remote surveying with an additional survey unit located on nearby bigger vessel or in a car along the shoreline. The current version of HYPACK® supports such a situation. It requires additional hardware (one computer, two radio modems, one additional comport for moving unit) and software (two device drivers).

The operator on the Moving Unit can see only the left/right indicator and eventually the on/off line signal. His goal is to keep the left/right position as close to the center as possible. The surveyor in the Stationary Unit receives positions from the Moving Unit and makes the decision to start/suspend/end the survey. Every event ( start/end survey, switch/swap line) on the Stationary Unit is forwarded to the Moving Unit and interpreted by the output device driver. 
It is important to note that the Moving Unit receives and saves all surveying data. The question is would it not be cheaper to get rid of HYPACK® on the Moving Unit and send all data by radio modem to the Stationary Unit.
Obviously, it is cheaper but we are going to make the radio modem very busy and that can result in loosing some data.  Additionally, the operator on the Moving Unit is not going to have a left/right indicator position which might cause wasting of surveying time.

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