14.ティンモデル---3次元成果(TIN Model)


Q. XYZファイルからマトリックス(MTX)ファイルを作成する(XYZ to MTX Program)[英語]


In our last newsletter, Lazar described a feature new to the TIN Model Program that converts the input XYZ data and outputs a filled, HYPACK® type Matrix file. The reaction from our users was so enthusiastic, we decided to make this feature a stand-alone utility. Here's how it works:

  • Select PREPARATION-XYZ TO MTX and the dialog will appear.

    XYZ to MTX Transformation dialog

  • Fill in all of the fields.
  • Enter the XYZ file you wish to convert. ([Browse] makes it a snap!)
  • Enter the path and name for your new Matrix file.
  • Max Leg specifies the maximum distance used to connect to XYZ data points. This value must be greater than 0. Start with about 150% of your line spacing. You should set this large enough so your data points connect, but not so large that points which have little relationship connect to each other. The value of this field depends on the density of the input data. If the value is too small, the final result will be incomplete. If the value is too large, the creation will be slow.
  • Matrix Size fields really define the cell size within the Matrix to be created.
  • Click [Run]. The program generates a surface model and then calculates the Matrix size and rotation to fit the data. It then fills the matrix cells with the depth nearest the center of each cell calculated from the surface model.

    A small representation of the results is drawn to the lower part of the dialog. You may also view the results by loading the Matrix file to the HYPACK® MAX screen.

    The resulting Matrix displayed in the main window

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