Q. マトリックス表示オプション(Display Options for Matrix Files Used in Dredging)[英語]


Most users view Matrix files as two dimensional objects, that is as a (row x col) grid. A third dimension, the Depth, is contained inside each cell of the matrix. The matrix structure also has the capability of storing an additional depth for each cell, which gives a stacking of depths projecting from the surface of the screen.  This feature is used in Dredgepack® for recording the pre- and post-dredging depths of a given area. You can display the Survey Depth, the Dredge Depth or the Difference between the two depths (Survey-Dredge Depth) in Dredgepack® by selecting it through the Matrix menu.

There is a new option in HYPACK® Max that supports this display in the main Max window. Users with a Dredgepack® or Universal key can select which depth to view by right clicking on Matrix Files in the Project Files list and selecting the appropriate option from the menu. If the cell is missing either the Survey or Dredge depth, then the cell will display blank in the difference mode. The screen capture below gives an idea of how it works.

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