1.インストール & セットアップ(Install & Setup)


Q. HypackMAX2.12インストールに関する注意[英語]


When we send out an entirely new release to our clients who are active on the maintenance plan, it’s our hope that at least the majority of you make the transition to the new version. Philosophically speaking, we view each release as a unit. All of the parts contained within are carefully balanced and have been tested together as a group. So we recommend that you do not install a new version on top of an older version. You can probably get away with it, but there are several instances where it may cause havoc. We suggest you either “uninstall” Hypack via the normal windows way (this will not uninstall any projects) or rename the folder of the older program to C:\Hypack_old and install the new version to the standard c:\Hypack folder. If you use the latter method you will then have to move your projects back to the c:\Hypack folder manually.

New Feature in Hardware Coming in 2.12A

The “disable” button makes its way to the new release. Time was that you had to got through the drudgery of deleting one device at a time if you had some sort of communications port conflict. Then you had to go through the whole reloading process, adding a new driver back again, after you caught the conflict.

Lets say you switch between many devices.  Now you can keep them all in one hardware setup and “disable” or “enable” them as they come on/off line.

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