6.サーベイ(HYPACK® Max Survey)


Q. 複数の調査船の使用(Multiple Vessel Tracking in HYPACK® MAX)[英語]


I recently was asked by a customer how does a customer track multiple vessels on the screen in HYPACK MAX. I created a demonstration project to display two survey vessels and a dredge on one screen so that the operator can monitor the progress of all vessels. 

When I was creating this demonstration I found a new use for a feature in Survey. By right clicking on a vessel you can assign that vessel to the Main Vessel. When you do this the survey screen will shift to always keep that vessel in the Map window. 

To connect all of the vessels to one computer you need to have radio modems connected to each vessel to be monitored, and a modem connected to the monitor station for each vessel that will be tracked.


If there are several vessels to be monitored the monitor computer is going to need a serial port for each radio modem. Another key thing to remember is each radio modem pair must have a distinct frequency. 

On the monitor computer the HYPACK Hardware program is configured with multiple NMEA devices and multiple mobiles ( one for each vessel ).  In Survey you can then see each vessel on the screen as it moves independently from the other vessels. Only the main vessel can be used to record data. The data from other mobiles will be saved to files but those values will not be used to fill a matrix in Survey.

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