Q. 新しい平均断面体積計算方法(Norfolk Volume Method Added to HYPACK® MAX)[英語]


As a result of a contract with USACE-Norfolk, Coastal Oceanographics has added the ‘Norfolk’ Method as an option in the volume computation routines of the CROSS SECTIONS program. The Norfolk method is based on the average end area method of computing quantities.

It computes the entire volume above three user defined levels. In the example shown below, the design template (center channel) is at 49’. The overdepth template is at 50’, 1’ below the design. The supergrade template is placed 2’ below the overdepth template, placing it at 52’.

This routine computes and reports all of the material above the each of the three levels. The material for the side slopes and center channel is totaled to provide a total quantity available. The

quantity reported for the overdepth template contains all material above the overdepth template, including material that falls above the design template. Likewise, the quantity reported for the supergrade template contains all material above the supergrade, overdepth and design templates. This is different from the other Average End Area reports, where material is only reported up to the next template.

A sample report from the Norfolk Method is shown below.

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