2.測量準備と補正(Preparation & Calibration)


Q. New Line Editor in Hypack ® Max 02.12a


The Line Editor has been redesigned recently and has been implemented in the new 02.12a release. Some of the new features include easy access to different lines within the *.LNW file, editing of templates and even creation of templates within the editor. The figure below shows a comparison between the old Line Editor on top and the New Line Editor at the bottom.

The buttons have been replaced with icons. Simply move the curser over each icon to display a description. The new Line Editor also displays all the line names/numbers in the left panel of the editor, making it easier to display the coordinates of a line by simply highlighting the line name or number. In the old Line Editor, you had to scroll through each line with an arrow key – pretty tedious if you have a line file containing a few hundred lines!

A brand new option is the ability to edit template information. This really comes in handy with line files created in Channel Design. Just open your *.LNW file in the Line Editor and highlight a line name/number in the left panel. Then go to the Template menu item and click on Edit. You’ll get the window shown below:

What you see on the left of the window are the template points, DBL (distance from the start of line in survey units) and depth. Change the DBL and/or depth and click on the Redraw button. The graph will then be updated with the new template points. You can modify each template separately, or apply the template changes to all the lines within that LNW file.

You can also create templates for 2D LNW files that were originally created in the Line Editor. These line files that can then be saved as 3D LNW files. This comes in really handy when you need to create a simple channel and all you have is a standard LNW file.

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