TOYO supports the experiential programs for children to learn rocket engineering and programming with fun│TOYO Corporation


自由な発想やひらめきで未来をつくる ロケット工学やプログラミングを楽しく学ぶ、子供向け体験講座に協力

Creating the future with flexible ideas and inspirations

TOYO supports the experiential programs for children to learn rocket engineering and programming with fun

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In the hope of letting more children be interested in science, TOYO Corporation utilizes its experience and measurement technology to support experiential learning programs and science classes for children mainly in Tokyo and Nagano.
Now in Kyoto, TOYO started to support programs for elementary school students after meeting a nonprofit organization (NPO) that aims to spread programming education through supporting schools and local communities.

TOYO met NPO that conveys the fun of programming to children

TOYO and NPO named “Creative Adventure” based in Kyoto first met a workshop that one of TOYO member joined with his child. He was impressed with its activities and offered supports for them.
With hopes of letting all children learn programming intuitively without being affected by their family background or incomes, Creative Adventure offers the learning opportunities for children which leads to make places of comfort and security for them after school and holidays. Ultimately these activities support local communities.
NPO Creative Adventure (only in Japanese)

TOYO supported an experiential program “rocket engineering experiment and programming” for elementary school students

TOYO worked together with Creative Adventure for experiential programs for elementary school students, one of its local community support activities and carried out a program to teach how to fly paper airplanes in 2020.
In 2021, TOYO held a class “rocket engineering experiment and programming” that fifteen elementary school students living in Kyoto joined, and TOYO members supported this class as tutors.

Rocket engineering experiment classRocket engineering experiment class

Wearing masks and keeping their distance (as measures against coronavirus infection), elementary school students and their parents, and high school students as mentors joined the program. Creative Adventure also focuses on training of high school students as mentors, aiming to give chances for elementary school students to learn from them who are closer in age, at the same time, for high school students to cultivate their learning.

Elementary school students make rockets with high school students and their parentsElementary school students make rockets with high school students and their parents

Students learn how the rocket flies systematically and make rockets with plastic bottles. They enjoyed making their original rockets with their flexible ideas, coloring the white tails with drawing, their names, and message.

Drawing picture on the tails of rocketDrawing picture on the tails of rocket

Cutting the materials with tutor’s helpCutting the materials with tutor’s help

Once completed making, the students launched their original rockets with cheers and measured how far the rockets flew.

Rocket launch test at the venueRocket launch test at the venue

At the end of class, “Flight distance award” and “Design award” were announced and three students for each award received medals.

Students who won “Flight distance award”Students who won “Flight distance award”

Students who won “Design award”Students who won “Design award”

At the programming class, students learned a programming for rocket operation to touch down the surface of targeted asteroid just after learning the rocket engineering.

TOYO member taught programmingTOYO member taught programming

Programming using PC with parentsProgramming using PC with parents

We keep cooperation with Creative Adventure and plan experiential learning programs for children in Kyoto.
COVID-19 pandemic has caused impacts on economics, on the other hand reduced learning opportunities for children.
TOYO supports these activities to make opportunities for children to experience the fun of science and learn how important it is.

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