Radiation immunity measurement system TS5010

The TS5010, an automatic measurement system for evaluating the immunity level of electronic instruments exposed to radiated electromagnetic fields, detects a malfunction by radiating from the transmission antenna to EUT an electromagnetic field of a prescribed frequency range and level. 

According to measurement conditions set on the IM5/ RS software, this system performs automatic measurements by controlling measuring instruments, antenna masts, and turntable through GPIB. This system can analyze measurement data on the uniform electromagnetic field in front of the EUT and has such safety features as power amplifier output cutoff upon the opening of the anechoic chamber door.


  • Compliant with IEC61000-4-3 Ed.3, and capable of automating the radiated immunity test
  • IM5/RS software offers user-friendly operation in the Windows environment.
  • Capable of uniformity measurement of radiated electromagnetic fields
  • Having a correction function for temperature drifts in the RF power amplifier output and characteristics changes in an anechoic chamber
  • GPIB control of measuring instruments, turntables, and antenna masts
  • Capable of automating the immunity measurement upon implementation of a malfunction detection option
  • Having an interlock function
  • Capable of handling over 1GHz