Establish a Strong and Sound Management Base

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Our Vision

For a company to enhance its corporate value in a mid-long-term context, and to sustain its growth, it needs to establish a strong and sound management base. Our company, in accordance with our corporate philosophy and action guidelines, in the long run, will maintain and strengthen a fair and successful relationship with various stakeholders, and will construct a strong and sound governance system that incorporates appropriate monitoring and supervisory functions.

Activity Targets


Maintain and Enhance a
Strong and Sound
Corporate Governance

Our basic policies are increasing the transparency and health of our decision-making process and improving the efficiency in management, by appropriately executing our corporate governance code. In accordance with our basic policy, we strive for sustainable growth, and aim to enhance mid-long-term corporate value for our shareholders and other stakeholders.


Develop and Reinforce
Risk Management System

We strengthen internal control through various committee activities and monitoring. Security measures and information control towards cyber attacks which may threaten our business continuity, BCP measures in response to disasters, and compliance with domestic and international laws, are a few of many risk-based rules we establish. We disseminate those among all employees and endeavor to maintain the company’s sustainable growth.


Ensure Compliance

Clarifying the measures against the risks that may lead to compliance violation and giving employee education encourage everyone to strictly abide by compliance rules, and to foster an open corporate culture.

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