Actualize Safe,
Secure, and
Fulfilling Lives

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Our Vision

Safety and security are essential for us to live in a prosperous society. For that we need a strong and advanced infrastructure, and the technologies to support it. The solutions we provide for next-generation mobility development, disaster preparedness, telecommunication infrastructure security, and medical care, contribute to a safe, secure, and fulfilling lives.

Activity Targets


Enable Safe and Secure

With solutions for telecommunication and software development, we seek for further advancement in technology and quality, which enables us to confront advancing cyber attacks, and helps us build a secure telecommunication infrastructure, where everyone can safely benefit from all kinds of services.


Promote Disaster Management

Providing solutions to disaster management examinations and disaster detections are some of the ways we contribute to protect our lives from disasters.


Establish a Safe Mobile Society

To support the development needed to build new transportation methods and infrastructure, we provide new solutions through our comprehensive expertise, breaking out of the paradigm.


Contribute to Health Improvement

With solutions that support the early detection of disease, and solutions to eliminate regional disparities in medical care, we also work hard to attenuate the burden on medical workers, and strive to build a society where everyone lives a healthy life.

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