Contribute to Innovation and Industrial Growth

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Our Vision

In order to realize the society where people live more comfortable life and all social issues are solved, as stated in “Society 5.0”, technology innovation and industry development are essential. In a number of technical fields and industries, we continue to support global technology innovation and industry development by providing companies and research institutions with complete solutions based on “measurement” technologies. In addition, through collaborative work with various global partners, we contribute to innovation by generating unconventional ideas.

Activity Targets


Assist Development for Next-Generation Mobility and Telecommunication

To realize next-genaration mobility including autonomous driving or 5G/6G telecommunication, we look ahead to catch the development needs in each industry and make proposals combining leading-edge solutions and our high-level expertise. This way, we support the global technology development.


Accelerate Open

With the technology skills and development capabilities which we have cultivated over many years, we accelerate the development of in-house products and solutions, and will achieve greater innovation together with our worldwide partner companies and research institutes.


Encourage Leading-edge Technology

By providing technical seminars and product trainings in which we can widely share our knowledge and expertise in most advanced technologies, we contribute to further growth throughout the industry. The effective use of online tools allows greater flexibility for our customers, and enables us to provide information much faster and more efficiently.


Reinforce High-quality and High-performance organization

We will enhance our technical support organization in order to provide leading-edge technology at a higher quality level. We will also strengthen our management system to guarantee high level of quality and performance.

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