Ion impurity measurement system
The LT1000 Ion Impurity Analyzer is a measurement system developed based on our existing liquid crystal (LC) evaluation and measurement solution.The amount of impurity ions is measured by injecting sample liquid into the cell. The cell is placed in a shield box for measurement and the result can be obtained in seconds for a typical measurement. The LT1000 can measure the amount of inorganic as well as organic ions in the liquid and can detect them with ultra-high sensitivity of the order of 1 ppt (parts per trillion).
In the industry of LC display, it is well known that the amount of impurity ions in LC affects future defects and lifetime of the device. Therefore it can be expected that results of ion amount measurement in organic semiconductor materials is used for material development for improving performance and extending lifetime of organic semiconductor devices including OLED. In addition, the ion amount measurement using the LT1000 may be used as one of the additional indicators in many industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental testing.