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Innovative analytical solutions for proteomics

Utilizing AI technology and advanced measurement technology accumulated by TOYO Corporation in the life science field, We provide new measurement and analysis solutions.
We are aggressively collaborating with inside and outside the company, and are challenging technological innovation. One of them is proteomics. Examining proteomics, the type and amount of all proteins, is far more sensitive, enormous, and more challenging than genomics, or DNA. There are many cases where reliable results can not be obtained, such as changes in results every time it takes time, protein research has shifted to single-cell analysis, etc., and omics trends have moved from protein to genome. I went. However, proteomics innovations are still awaited in fields such as medicine and pharmacy. We hypothesize that proteomic reproducibility is highly dependent on the measurement process that begins with the collection of the sample, and we are pursuing the root cause and aiming for innovative analytical solutions.