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EMC Intelligence

Patent pending

The industry's first AI product that supports noise source search and countermeasures

While electronic devices are becoming more sophisticated and complex, the required EMC performance is becoming more severe year by year due to the strengthening of global EMC regulations. Because of these effects, EMC measurement and countermeasures are becoming more important in product development, and the increase in the number of man-hours for EMC measurement and countermeasures is a major factor in delaying development and increasing product costs.

Although it is required to reduce these man-hours, the current situation is that measurement and countermeasure work are repeated by cut-and-try.

iEMC will support EMC measurement and countermeasures using patent application technology to reduce these man-hours.

By integrating the results of EMC measurement with design and countermeasure data and performing analysis using AI, iEMC provides useful advice for noise countermeasures and digitizes countermeasure operations.
This reduces the number of cut-and-try attempts and helps reduce the time required for EMC countermeasure work.