ASAM-ODS Test Data Management Solutions
Effective solutions to curtail the ever-increasing cost and time for the current highly complicated vehicle development.
Our solutions allow you to completely and effectively manage and reuse all the test data in vehicle development.
openMDM®, a framework for managing test data of vehicle development

Our data management solutions use openMDM®.
openMDM® is a framework adopted mainly by auto manufacturers in European countries for managing test data of vehicle development. The features mentioned in the "Features" section below enable complete and effective management and reuse of test data.
In addition to system development, we also customize systems and provide implementation support and training for customers.

ASAM-ODS (open standard) test data management framework
Our solutions comply with ODS (Open Data Service) established by ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems), a worldwide organization that has more than 200 member companies including European automotive manufacturers. Any ODS-compliant software can access the ODS database regardless of its platform.
Easier use even with ASAM-ODS
ASAM-ODS-based data management usually requires extra work such as defining application models and developing client software. With openMDM®, however, you can immediately start data management as it already has the application models defined and client software installed.
Customizable models for individual business requirements
Descriptive metadata (test objects and conditions) differs depending on business requirements. With openMDM®, you can change the ODS application model so that it matches the metadata you need.
Customizable client software with component-based architecture
openMDM®’s client software is developed with the component-based OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) framework. Therefore, the software can be customized flexibly by component replacement or creation.
Templates for more reliable tests
Descriptive metadata for tests can be saved as a template. Using this template for issuing test orders or uploading test data can prevent variation in test data quality among different testers.
Technical Details
The latest openMDM® Ver.4 consists of CORBA Server + Fat Client (OSGi, Eclipse RCP).
openMDM® Ver4
The Ver5, now under development, is to consist of Restful Service + Web Client
openMDM® Ver5
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