3. Technical Hinst and Tips


Q. •ムービーの作成方法(Q3.6 - How do I make a movie?)


There are four steps you must follow to successfully create a movie from your data. See Chapter 7 http://www.ivs.unb.ca/docs/S09-Movie_Tools.pdf for detailed instructions. The steps are:

  • Generate a flight path in Fledermaus. Save both the scene and flight path (movie).
  • Use "smoother" to smooth the flight path you have recorded and to set the length of the movie (in frames).
  • Use "movieclient" to generate the individual frames of your movie. Right click and select Render... to start the process.
  • Assemble the individual frames into a digital video. You can use "movieencoder" or third party software such as "movieconvert" on the SGI or "QuickTime Pro", "Adobe Premier" or similar on PCs.

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