3. Technical Hinst and Tips


Q. •マルチビームデータの処理について(Q3.4 - How do I process multibeam sonar data?)


The 3D Area Based Editing module in Fledermaus is based on the PFM data structure developed at the US Naval Oceanographic Office. The PFM structure allows the load of a variety of common multibeam formats for visualization and editing. These include GSF, Caris HDCS, SHOALS out and wav files, HTF and ASCII XYZ plus attribute data. The PFM is meant to be a temporary structure used to optimize data for area based editing and can be removed once all editing is complete.

3D Surface Area Based Editing allows better decision making since all of the data is visible in a certain area, not a subset, and editing decisions can be made much quicker and more accurately than single line/swath based editing.

The typical method of using PFM is to load data from an existing format to the optimized PFM structure, process, edit the data, select soundings features and in Fledermaus, and then save the changes back to the original file. This scheme allows data to remain in its original form and does not require that all data be permanently changed to a new file format. It also provides a rigorous audit trail for verification.

For further details see Chapter 7 (Area Based Editing) of the manual.

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