3. Technical Hinst and Tips


Q. •イメージファイルの読み込み方(Q3.3 - How do I load images?)


Images can be loaded into a scene in Fledermaus. Also, an image can be draped on a DTM using DMagic or the mktextureDTM applet. There are several ways that you can import an image:

  • draped on a DTM in dmagic or mktextureDTM
  • georeferenced to a portion of a DTM using dmagic
  • horizontally or vertically in Fledermaus

In DMagic, select "File->Import Image...." Enter the file name or browse using the arrowhead icon. Choose whether to rescale the image to the size of the DTM or to match georeferenced regions. In the latter case, enter the georeferencing data for the image and the resampling filter desired. In both cases, enter the output file name and select the DTM to process.

In Fledermaus, select "Data->Import Image" or "Data->Import Vertical Image." In both cases, a new node will be added to the scene which you can select in the lower left panel. Selecting the image node will show the settings for the image in the Data Set Control panel. Here, you can enter the file name of the image or browse for the image by clicking on the arrowhead icon.

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