3. Technical Hinst and Tips


Q. •XYZデータの読み込み方(Q3.1 - How do I load XYZ data?)


There are typically two kinds of XYZ data, gridded and ungridded. Choose dmagic to import gridded data and avggrid to import ungridded data.

Avggrid is used to import ungridded data. Avggrid can be started from DMagic using the "File -> Import XYZ Data" menu item. Once in avggrid, select "File -> Add File to Grid..." to select the file(s) you would like to import. Select the desired gridding parameters, in particular set the Cell Size to an appropriate value for your dataset, then click "Scan File." Now avggrid will show the bounds and size of the dataset. Process the data into a DTM by first clicking "Convert," then exporting the file (File->Export DTM/GEO file...). For more details, see the manual http://www.ivs.unb.ca/docs/S05-Average_Grid.pdf. You can also view the DTM by clicking on the "Plot DTM" button on the bottom row.

DMagic is similar, but is used to import gridded data. Select "File->Import Surface" and select the desired file. Next pick the file type, choose the desired parameters such as cell size from the righthand panel, click "Scan for Information," and then choose "Convert and Save File" to save the new DTM.

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