1. Setup and Configuration


Q. •3Dマウスを使用するには?(Q1.4 - How do I get the bat to work?)


The 3D input device, or Bat, communicates with the Fledermaus application via the Device3Dserver applet. If you ever have problems with the Bat this program can be run independently to fault find. However, you should first check the obvious:

  • Is the device connected to the serial port you are trying to use and turned on?
  • Are the preferences in Fledermaus set to the correct port and type of device?

When trouble shooting it is best to directly run the Device3DServer applet from the command line that lets you see a scrolling list of numbers when operating correctly. Once running you can also then run Fledermaus separately and change to the 3D flight mode.

Things to check first:

- PC Windows Platform:
If the Bat is turned on and the serial cable is plugged in when Windows is booted, Windows will try and configure a serial mouse for the Bat that will cause lots of problems. The simple solution is don't turn the Bat on until Windows is booted.

- Any Unix platform:
Double-check the serial port permissions. Often they are configured by default to only allow reading from the serial port. The Bat requires both read and write permissions.

Depending on platform the serial port device name is:

  SGI Sun Linux
Port #1: /dev/ttyd1 /dev/term/a /dev/ttyS0
Port #2: /dev/ttyd2 /dev/term/b /dev/ttyS1

To see permissions: ls -l

Become root: and do a chmod 777 . This gives full permissions to the port. The execute permission is not strictly necessary but is probably a good idea.

To Test The Device:

Run the program: Device3DServer -h for help

Example: Device3DServer -device Isotrak2 -port /dev/ttyS0 -v

Don't forget the -v command for verbose output. You will see a few messages and if all is well after 4-8 seconds you should see a continuous stream of numbers. If you do and they're not all zeros then the Bat is working and all should be well.

On the Unix platforms if you get the message unable to open port, and you have previously checked the permissions, then this often means that the cable connecting the computer to the Bat is missing a NULL modem adapter (or has one too many).

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