1. Setup and Configuration


Q. •フレダーマウスで使用するコンピュータについて(Q1.3 - What configuration of machine do I need to use Fledermaus?)


Fledermaus runs on multiple platforms. The most significant component in getting good performance is the video card. Systems with a powerful video subsystem will have good performance. Next most important is the amount of memory available on the system and lastly is the CPU speed. An adequate amount of memory to handle your data sets without swapping. The CPU speed is not as important, since most operations are dependent on how fast the video subsystem can draw and how fast memory can be accessed.

Some sample configurations are:

  • SGI with Irix
  • Sun with Solaris
    • Creator3D video or above supported
  • x86 PC with Windows NT/2000/XP
    • Supported video cards
      • nVidia GeForce series
      • 3DLabs Oxygen/Wildcat series
      • ATI Radeon series
  • x86 PC with Linux
    • Supported video cards
      • nVidia GeForce series
      • Xi Graphics X server and supported cards with hardware acceleration

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