1. Setup and Configuration


Q. •ドングルのセットアップの仕方(Q1.2 - How do I set up a dongle for Fledermaus?)


This short description assumes you have already obtained a license file from IVS and added the text string to your "license.dat" file. If you have not obtained the license string, contact info@ivs.unb.ca. If you do not have a copy of the dongle activation software, you can download it from "http://www.ivs.unb.ca/pub/fledermaus/extras/dongle.zip".

After you have downloaded and extracted the files from the zip file, run the setup program. This will open a setup window. Select "install Driver" from the installation window. "Windows NT Device Driver Installed Successfully" will appear at the top of the window. This is the only indication that the driver is installed, so you may exit from this window.

To see that the system has accepted the installation, run lmtools from the ivs/bin/ directory. Select the "systems settings" tab. If the process has been successful you should see the dongle id# (which should match the license string in your license.dat file). Fledermaus will now start succesfully.

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