1. Setup and Configuration


Q. •フレダーマウスのライセンスについて(Q1.1 - How do I get a license for Fledermaus?)


Fledermaus needs a license to run on your machine. Currently three different types of licenses are supported: a node-locked license which is tied to a particular computer, a dongle which plugs into your parallel port, or a network license server. Using a network server, a number of licenses can be put on a central computer and can then be checked out, used, and then checked back in by computers on the network. For more information on setting up dongles, see the next topic. If you are setting up a network license, see the System Installation document.

The first step when installing a node-locked license is to download Fledermaus for your platform from http://www.ivs.unb.ca/pub/fledermaus/. Unpackage and install Fledermaus on your system. On Unix systems, run the lmhostid executable (usually in /usr/IVS/bin) and note the hostID for your computer. On Windows, open a command window or "Start->Run..." then run lmtools. You can use either the Ethernet address or the disk volume serial number as the hostID.

Send the hostID along with the details of your computer such as CPU type (SGI, Sun, Intel x86), operating system (Irix, Solaris, Windows, Linux) and the version of Fledermaus you would like to use. Then contact us for a quote at 506-454-4487 or info@ivs.unb.ca. Please indicate whether you are applying for commercial or academic pricing.

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