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GPS/GNSS信号対応時刻同期ソリューション「OSA 542X」

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  • Quartz/HQ+/HQ++/Rbをオプション選択
  • NTPキャパシティを強化
  • PTP,SyncEthernetサポート


  • Two 100/1000BaseT or 100/1000BaseX (SFP) PTP traffic ports
  • +Two additional 100/1000BaseX (SFP) PTP traffic ports + optional Copper SFP
  • Dual hot swappable PSU
  • Timing & Synchronization interfaces:
    • ITU-T G.8261 / G.8262 / G.8264 Synchronous Ethernet
    • BITS-in and BITS-out
    • PPS in/out, PPS in
    • Time of Day
    • CLK in/out, CLK in
    • GNSS Antenna in
  • Comprehensive SyncjackTM technology for timing distribution, delivery of SLA-based synchronization services and assurance
  • Delivers precise frequency, phase and time of day signals based on multiple options:
    • Recovered Slave Clock per IEEE1588v2 protocol
    • Grandmaster clock and NTP server
    • Combined Synchronous Ethernet for frequency and IEEE1588 for phase and time of day delivery
    • Integrated GNSS receiver – GPS/GLONASS/ Beidou/Galileo /GPS+GLONASS/GPS+ Beidou/GPS+Galileo (HW ready for SBAS, QZSS)
  • PTP Profiles support
    • PTP Telecom Profile for Frequency and Time Synchronization – ITU-T G.8265.1 & G.8275.2
    • PTP Telecom Profile for Time/Phase Synchronization – ITU-T G.8275.1
    • PTP Enterprise profile
    • IEEE 1588 2008 default profile over Ethernet and IP multicast


Sync Delivery Tools:

  • 1588v2 Ordinary Slave Clock
  • 1588v2 Boundary Clock
  • 1588v2 Grand Master Clock
  • GNSS/GPS , Sync-E and BITS

Sync Assurance Tools:

  • Clock Accuracy (2 x Clock Probes – TE/TIE/MTIE of physical clocks)
  • Clock Analysis (4 x PTP Clock Probes – packet TE/TIE/MTIE)
  • Network Analysis (PTP network Probe – PDV statistics, loss…)
機能 OSA 542X
PTP GM G.8265.1 and G.8275.2 1024
PTP (65.1/75.2)  Over IPv6
Management over IPv6
PTP Slave G.8265.1 (with two SOOC)
PTP GM G.8275.1
PTP GM IEEE 1588 2008  L2 1024
PTP GM Enterprise 1024
NTP Server
GNSS based Automatic Asymmetric Delay Calibration
Enhance Phase Holdover Algorithm
GNSS & G.8272 / G.811 PRTC/PRC
Sync-E Input and Output
BITS Input and Output
10MHz Input and Output
1PPS Input and Output
Line Cards
Syncjack monitoring


Supporting Multiple Applications

OSA542X Supporting Multiple Applications


OSA 5420 Front Panel Interfaces

OSA 5420 Front Panel Interfaces

OSA 5421 Front Panel Interfaces

OSA 5421 Front Panel Interfaces