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In today’s highly advanced information society, TOYO Corporation (TOYO) recognizes the protection of the personal information of our customers and of those associated with us as an important responsibility. While strictly observing all the Japanese laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and keeping international norms in mind, we protect the personal information provided to us by implementing the following policy and rules - our Privacy Policy - through our own enforcement systems:

In implementing the Privacy Policy, we appoint an officer in charge of the management of the personal information to put into practice the policy set forth below. Furthermore, we stipulate internal regulations to enforce the protection and appropriate management of the personal information among our officers and employees, and continue to improve and maintain the regulations.
We acquire personal information only by lawful and fair means. In acquiring personal information, we inform the individuals concerned of the objectives of such acquisition for prior consent, or publish on our Website the objectives and other necessary information concerning the acquisition. When we acquire personal information indirectly, we will publish on our Website the objectives of such acquisition and other necessary information.
We will use the personal information only for the following objectives: fulfillment of a contract with the individual concerned, offer of improved products and services, provision of information which may be useful to the individual concerned, and other purposes which become necessary in the course of our execution of business. TOYO may share the personal information with a third party or commission a third party to handle the personal information only after confirming through careful scrutiny that the party is reliable and placing the party under our appropriate supervision to maintain the secrecy of the personal information.
Unless otherwise stipulated by the Japanese laws or regulations, we will not disclose any personal information to any third party without prior approval of the individual concerned.
Management of the personal information (implementation of safeguard measures):
We will maintain the accuracy of the personal information and manage it in a secure manner.
We will take appropriate information security countermeasures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, and other hazards to ensure that the personal information will be securely saved and kept from loss, damage, improper alteration or leakage.
We will use the personal information only to the extent authorized by the individual concerned and at the designated places; we will never transmit it to outside parties contrary to the intended use of the personal information.
Our officers and employees will refrain from disclosing the personal information which came to their knowledge in the course of the business activities to any third party or from using such personal information for illicit purposes. Such restrictions apply even after their retirement, and we will take appropriate measures to enforce this obligation.
We confirm that the individuals concerned are entitled to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of their personal information, and we promptly act upon such requests. If you have any further queries on our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Policy representative at
We continue to properly maintain our Privacy Policy and any relevant policies, rules, and regulations for protecting the personal information.

(Last updated:January, 2011)

Masaru Gomi
President and CEO

TOYO Corporation


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