System Options

System Options
Magneto-resistance Measurement Option
It becomes possible to measure the various magneto-resistance characteristics other than the Hall effect in materials having magnetic dependence characteristics. 
The resistance can be measured in samples to which a magnetic field has been applied. While sweeping the magnetic field, the changes in the resistance can be observed.
The magnetic field dependence of the Hall coefficient can be measured by carrying out the Hall measurement following the changes in the size of the magnetic field. It is possible to observe even the changes in the Hall resistance while sweeping the magnetic field and the hysteresis with respect to the magnetic field can be seen.
The transverse magneto-resistance and the longitudinal magneto-resistance can be measured by changing the degree of the angle of inclination of the sample. Moreover, the Planar Hall effect can also be observed.

Thermoelectric Power Measurement Option
The thermoelectric power (Seebeck coefficient) can be measured. The thermoelectric power can be observed widely from extremely low temperatures to high temperatures. The sample holder part for the Hall measurement is replaced with a holder that is used exclusively for thermoelectric power measurement having thermal gradient.
The thermoelectric properties of materials can be looked into even more profoundly as it is possible to make a plot diagram of the thermoelectric power with respect to temperatures and co-relate it with the temperature dependent data like the resistivity or the carrier density which can be measured by the Hall measurement system of the main unit.
A suitable sample rod used only for thermoelectric power measurement is attached to the REF type, LN type and the VHT type sample holders. 
In the software, there is a function to correct the thermo-electromotive force elements of silver and platinum which are used as electrode material and as a result of this the absolute thermo-electromotive force can be obtained.

Gate Bias Impress Option
By providing a gate bias to the semiconductor sample which forms FET, it is possible to observe the changes in the resistivity and the Hall voltage with respect to the changes in the gate bias.
Since the electric current which flows out from the voltage source that provides the gate bias, is measured, the leakage of the insulation film can be observed.
A sample holder with six terminal options matches.


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