The ResiTest 8300 Series is a Hall Measurement System originally developed by Toyo Corporation.
In this, the latest technologies such as the AC Hall measurement by patented AC magnetic field or delta voltage measurement by high speed current inversion etc. have been adopted. 
As a result we have succeeded in significantly raising the detection limit of the Hall voltage as compared to the past and remarkably improving the reliability of the measurement data. 
Further we also provide various system variations to cover the Hall measurement of material with a wide range of resistance or mobility starting from low mobility sample which is difficult to measure with the existing systems. And we are able to offer a system which is best suited to the needs of the users at minimum cost.
Formed by combining 4 independent components
As shown in the figure given below, the ResiTest 8300 Series Hall measurement system is composed of 4 components namely measurement unit, control unit, electormagnet and sample holder (including the temperature control unit). 
Though all these four components are necessary for the Hall measurement, there are multiple variations of each component. From these variations, the ones that are best suitable for the physical properties of the material which is to be measured and for research purpose can be selected and combined to form the system.
gaiyo01_e.gifControl unitMeasurement unitSample holdingElectorMagnet
  System configuration


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