Hall Measurement System ResiTest

ResiTest 8300 model is a device that measures the resistivity and Hall effect of the semiconductor material and distinguishes whether the carrier type of this sample is electron (N type) or positive hole (P type) and further it also calculates the carrier density and mobility. There are six types of measurement systems in ResiTest 8300 Series and the appropriate type can be selected according to the characteristics of the sample that is to be measured. Among the models for high resistance, those using the AC magnetic field can remove the noise or drift generated at the interface between the material and electrode to a greater extent as compared to the conventional ones, resulting in greater performance in the measurement of oxide semiconductors and other low mobility/high resistance sample. Moreover the high speed current inversion function (delta mode) installed in the model for low resistance can remove the effect of thermo-electromotive force and is effective in the measurement of materials such as thermoelectric material which has low resistance and can be easily affected by thermo-electromotive force.


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