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OTA(Over the Air) Measurement System

With the mobile phones having gained popularity in China and Korea as well as in Japan, the move to evaluate the RF performance of the mobile phones through the OTA (Over the Air) connection is gaining momentum. In line with this, the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) has issued Test Plan, a document describing such details as measurement methods, requirements for the measurement environment, and evaluation methods based on TRP and TIS, for the RF performance testing through the OTA connection. 

The wireless communication systems supported by the CTIA TRP and TIS measurements vary depending on the radio communication testers used.

Support by TY2100
For the OTA measurements, TOYO offers the OTA Option for the TY2100AM Software, as well as OTA measurement systems like the one shown below. 

The TY2100AM supports the Anritsu MT8820A and Agilent E5515C radio communication testers as of now. Switching of wireless communication systems needs to be done on the radio communication testers, rather than on the TR2100AM. Regardless of the wireless communication systems used, the measurement procedure remains the same. 

The OTA Option is to add OTA RF performance measurement functions to the TY2100AM. You need to have a license for this Option on your USB protection key to perform the path loss measurement, TRP measurement (CTIA), and TIS measurement (CTIA). 
EIRP measurement (CTIA)、EIS measurement(CTIA)system
EIRP measurement (CTIA)、EIS measurement (CTIA)system
the Great Circle Cut system using phantom head
the Great Circle Cut system using phantom head 
by(CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance)

In the TRP (CTIA) measurement, a pattern measurement is performed specifying the azimuth axis as the step axis and the roll axis as the scan axis – at times, the azimuth axis is specified as the scan axis. In these measurements, the Tx power of the DUT mobile phone needs to be maximum. In the TIS (CTIA) measurement, the TY2100AM stops the azimuth axis and step axis at specified positions and adjusts the output level of the radio communication tester so that a bit error will be measured at the axis positions - when an external attenuator is used, the TY2100AM adjusts it instead of the output level of the radio communication tester. 

Except the use of a radio communication tester in place of a receiver, the OTA measurement system has the same configuration as the antenna measurement system. The radio communication tester is linked to a mobile phone (in the connected state) so that it will function as a base station simulator and measures the Tx power and bit error of the mobile phone. It is also possible to link the radio communication tester to a mobile phone and use a receiver (spectrum analyzer/network analyzer) to measure the Tx power of the mobile phone. 

*CTIA: Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association 


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