Antenna pattern measurement software

Antenna Measurement Software
TY2100AM Data Acquisition Software
TY2100AO Output Analysis Software
TY2300AO 3D Output Analysis Software

Antenna Pattern Measurement
Antenna Receiver – Antenna Measurement system
Vector Network Analyzer – Antenna Measurement system
Spectrum Analyzer – Antenna Measurement system

OTA(Over the Air)
OTA(Over the Air)Measurement System

Antenna Measurement Software

Product features
Antenna measurement software is made by Toyo Corporation, and has features as follows.
Data recording and path calibration in the following 4 types of measurement modes, gain measurement, pattern measurement (2-D, 3-D measurements), gain->pattern measurement and pattern recorder (manual) measurement.
Comprehensive evaluation capability for circular polarized antennas (Axial ratio etc.)
Data processing/analysis/conversion functions
-Offset processing, normalization, gain conversion
-Analysis function of radiation patterns (Beam width, Antenna gain etc.)
Distributed processing system in which the data recording feature and display output analysis feature are separated in view of the LAN environment.
Easy-to-customize hardware-independent design.
Capable of supporting a system consisting of hardware components of multiple manufacturers such as MI, Orbit and Device.
Capable of briefly checking equipment operation.
Capable of running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and easily transferring data to such general-purpose applications as Word and Excel.
OTA measurements (optional ) supporting radio communication testers of various manufacturers: TRP measurement (CTIA), TIS measurement (CTIA), and path-loss measurement.

TY2100 Antenna Measurement Software

The TY2100 Antenna Measurement Software consists of the following three independent software modules:
 ◆TY2100AM・・・Data Acquisition Software
◆TY2100AO・・・Output Analysis Software
◆TY2300AO・・・3D Output Analysis Software

While the TY2100AM Data Recording Software needs to be run on a computer connected to a positioning system and a Tx/Rx system for measurements, the TY2100AO and TY2300AO Output Analysis Software can be used for offline processing on a computer which is not for measurements.

The TY2100AM Data Recording Software is capable of the following 10 measurements: path calibration, gain measurement, pattern measurement, 3-D measurement, gain->pattern measurement, pattern recorder measurement, TRP measurement (CTIA), TIS measurement (CTIA), and path-loss measurement. 

Also, The TY2100AM Data Recording Software can conduct a brief operation check of the equipment it controls. Furthermore, it performs the 3-D measurement in the pattern measurement mode. Please note, however, the TRP measurement (CTIA), the TIS measurement (CTIA), and the path-loss measurement are optional.

In the gain measurement, actual measurement values of a standard antenna (e.g. standard gain horn antenna) of which the calibration values are known are obtained and a level correction file is created to correct the amplitude data obtained in the pattern measurement. The pattern measurement is performed to find the angle (peak position) at which a standard antenna's amplitude value is maximum. After the measurement, the antenna is automatically moved to the peak position and the amplitude data is obtained at the calibration frequencies. The measurement results (standard antenna's actual measurement values) are saved as a level correction file along with calibration frequencies and calibration values and can be used to correct actual measurement values in the pattern measurement (DUT antenna data after correction = DUT antenna actual measurement value – standard antenna actual measurement value + standard antenna calibration value).

In the pattern measurement, the antenna is installed in a positioner to run and the amplitude and phase both corresponding to the angle loaded from the positioner is obtained from the transmit-receive system. One round of operation in which “angle vs amplitude” data or “angle vs phase” data is recorded by running the antenna is called the single scan and repeating the single scan while changing polarized wave and frequency settings is called the multi-scan.

Also, the operation in which multiple amplitude data and phase data are recorded while changing the polarized wave and frequency at the time of recording angle data of the singles scan is called the multipoint data recording. In the pattern measurement, the multi- scan by step angle, polarized wave and frequency is possible. Also, depending on the configuration of the Tx/Rx system, the multipoint data recording is possible.

The TY2100AO Output Analysis Software has its own graph output feature and data analysis feature for the beam width so that off-line processes can be easily done with it.

TY2100AO Antenna Pattern Analysis sample
TY2100AO Antenna Pattern Analysis sample

The TY2300AO Output Analysis Software loads data sets recorded by TY2100AM, displays them in 3D in spherical coordinates, and calculates radiation efficiency and directional gain.

The OTA measurement option provides the TRP/TIS calculation feature and report output feature for CTIA. In the 3-D display, any view point can be selected in spherical coordinates.
TY2300AO Polar coordinates grid sample
TY2300AO Polar coordinates grid sample
TY2300AO Rectangular coordinates grid sample
TY2300AO Rectangular coordinates grid sample

Conditions for Software Support

The warranty period for the TY2100–series Antenna Measurement Software is one year after the acceptance by the end users. The requests for bug fixes under warranty, therefore, need to be made within that period – the bug fix requests after the warranty expiration will be accepted for fees. Please note that the support for the TY2100-series Antenna Measurement Software will be terminated when the development environment (OS or tools) of the software become unavailable.

Maintenance Program for TY2100-series Antenna Measurement Software

For the TY2100-series Antenna Measurement Software, TOYO provides the following maintenance services. Please contact our sales engineers for more details.
  1. Installation of the latest version, operation check, and operation instruction for new functions (These services are available only once in the one-year warranty period and are provided when the latest version is installed in the PC in which the current version is already installed.)
  2. Operation check and instruction of the latest TY2100-series Antenna Measurement Software with the measurement system it runs on in the latest operation environment – replacing the PC with a new one will be regarded as an update of the operation environment. (This service is provided just once at the request of the end user, and a new PC/interface board is delivered from TOYO.)


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