Microwave radiation immunity measurement system for Automotive TS5200

Test frequency range: 1 - 18GHz
Electric-field strength: 200V/m at 2 meters
Being a self-contained microwave power amplifier and horn antenna, this system efficiently generates an electric field, minimizing transmission loss.  
This system has been adopted by Mercedes, BMW, and many other European car makers and their affiliates.
This system is capable of automatic control and continuous testing through GPIB.  (An optical cable is used for communication in the anechoic chamber.)
An automatic test system utilizing Windows software is also available.Frequency range and electric-field.
strength can be changed according to applications.
Microwave radiation immunity measurement system
The more electronic systems are used in automobiles, the more technical issues to be overcome arise to ensure their security. In such situation, coupled with recent rapid diffusion of mobile communication, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) has come to hold even greater importance in evaluating electronic systems. EMC is considered to be achieved when there are no electromagnetic waves of which the interference levels exceed the tolerance in the ambient environment and when the electromagnetic signal levels from products (e.g. automobiles) are below the tolerance.

As for the EMC of cars,a special countermeasurehas to be taken if there is a source (e.g. a radar device) that generates strong electromagnetic waves either intentionally or unintentionally. At the customer site, however, the frequencies and field strength levels of such strong electromagnetic waves can only be checked when they pass the transmission device, and so the electric-field strength tests need to be done in an anechoic chamber in practicality. Until recently 1GHz was considered to be high enough as the upper frequency for this test. At present, however, it is a must to cover up to 18GHz to test the effects of the electric fields of various communication systems and radars. Since high-quality tuned antennas are made in the gaps on the car body in this frequency range, it is necessary to radiate electromagnetic waves to a car from various directions with suitable antennas in the test to see if the car under test is susceptible to electromagnetic waves in some locations. 

This is a radiated immunity test system that can generate a 200V/m field strength in the 1 - 18GHz range at a 2-meter distance in an anechoic chamber.
This test system consists of 3 wide-band horn antennas, 3 microwave power amplifiers, and 1 signal generator. The power amplifiers are installed in a casterd rack and remotely controlled through optical cables. The horn antennas (made by FSA GmbH) are connected to corresponding power amplifiers with short, low-loss cables. These are TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) amplifiers rated for 250W output.