Audio/video immunity measurement software TS9989

Audio/video immunity measurement software TS9989
Automating the S1, S2, RFI, S3, and S4 tests in compliance with EN55020/CISPR20
Complying with various countries' standards in addition to the EN standards.
Precisely correcting output level with a calibration function.
Shortening measurement time by adopting high-speed settling signal generator.
The IM5 series software offers user-friendly operation.
GPIB control greatly reduces the need of complicated settings of measuring instruments - these settings can be easily made on the keyboard.
Measurement data can be output in various formats.
The TS9989, composed mainly of TOYO Corporation's IM5 software and Rohde& Schwarz's measuring instruments, is an automatic immunity test system for evaluating televisions, radios, videos, and the related instruments. It can conduct tests on Input immunity (S1), Immunity to conducted voltages (S2), Immunity to conducted currents (RFI), Immunity to radiated fields (S3), and Shielding effectiveness (S4) in compliance with EN55020. In addition, this system flexibly complies with the standards of various countries, allowing you to file on the IM5/A and IM5/V software the frequency, broadcast system, and modulation method of the wanted signal. 

This system automatically controls its component instruments through GPIB, reducing the burden for complicated instrument settings and for result list generation while increasing the reliability with an automatic calibration function.