EMI mesurement system meaning of WBFC TS1000

Noise measurement of EUT is generally conducted by measuring far-field field strength in an anechoic chamber or by way of the TEM-CELL method that uses a relatively large cell. On the other hand, various evaluation methods are being considered and suggested by IEC for the noise measurement on semiconductors alone. Common-EMI [FC-1000] of TOYO Corporation has enabled the common-mode noise measurement, which is considered important in noise suppression, by utilizing the WBFC (Workbench Faraday Cage) method now under review by IEC.
EMI mesurement system meaning of WBFC TS1000
Measurement frequency range MHz 30 - 1000
Outer dimensions (WxDxH) mm 950x780x220
Weight kg 29.2
Max DUT dimensions (WxDxH) mm 450x450x80
Input/Output voltage range (*1) VDC -48 - +48
Input/Output current range (*1) ADC 0 - 2
Number of power input terminals Systems 6
Number of signal input/output terminals Systems 3
*1: AC cannot be input/output
What is the WBFC method? 
The WBFC (Workbench Faraday Cage) method is to measure the common-mode voltage generated between a metal box and EUT by placing the EUT at 30m above the bottom of the metal box and keeping the impedance constant.
The Common-EMI [FC-1000] does not require antennas or accessories that are indispensable for the measurement in an anechoic chamber. Besides, this system is as compact as can be put on a workbench.
Features of Common-EMI[FC-1000]
■ High Reproducibility 
The measurement with the Common-EMI [FC-1000] is less prone to noise radiation from signal lines or power cables and allows EUT to deliver its performance with high accuracy. It also enables the detection of differences caused by replacing a component in the same EUT. 

■ Low Floor Noise Level 
Because of its low floor noise, the Common-EMI [FC-1000] can measure noises that are immeasurable due to the floor noise in an anechoic chamber, enabling easy verification of the effect of nose suppression. 

■ Shorter Measurement Time 
The measurement with the Common-EMI [FC-1000] takes much less time, even with the time for the setup included. The time required for the measurement with this system is about 1/5 of that for the measurement in an anechoic chamber. (The measurement time varies depending on the operation status of EUT.) 
EP6/FC Software for WBFC Measurement
The EP6/FC is measurement software designed specifically for Common-EMI [FC-1000] that employs the Faraday Cage method. It runs on a Windows PC and controls such instruments as a spectrum analyzer, receiver, and RF selector. Being the latest among TOYO Corporation's EP series software, the EP6/FC helps you with automatic measurements and noise suppression.  fc1000soft.jpg